Escape to the Great Indoors

Hey, we get it! Sometimes, you just need a break from the go-go-go of stock cars, sand wedges, and sight-seeing, or maybe the sky rains on your parade. We know that we’re not a big city with endless shops, multiplexes, and the like, but Pulaski County is home to a number of a cool boutiques, interesting shops, and indoor-recreation opportunities to help you to slow down, to spend a little money, or just to get in from the drops of water falling from the clouds.

Abandoned Treasures , 123 North Market Street,                       Winamac; 574.946.0216
             “A thrift store with everything from socks to                   refrigerators”
Ace Hardware/KEEPSAKES, 854 No. Plymouth Rd.,                 Winamac; 574.946.4232                                                           Gifts, electronics, sporting goods and               camping supplies, and plants (plus your               normal hardware stuff)
Country Color Floral, 104 South Bill Street,                                   Francesville; 219.567.9517                                                       Floral, candles, gifts
The Floral Shop at Healey’s Home Center,                800 North U.S.-35, Winamac;                        574.946.0998; Floral, gifts, candies,                   and greenhouse (plus your normal                     lumberyard stuff)
The Isis Movie Theatre, 122 North Monticello Street,                Winamac; 574.946.3713                                                             Art Deco theatre showing new & indie films
Mina’s Market and Boutique, 117 East Pearl Street,                     Winamac; 574.242.2210                                                            Brand-new boutique finds, well-cared-for                clothes and accessories, and more
Montgomery Mercantile, 115 E. Montgomery St.,                      Francesville; Variety of vendor booths set up                inside of a charmingly redecorated retail
               building: gifts; clothing; ready-to-eat meals,
               basic meal-prep, and freezer meat; and more
               — plus a small restaurant!
The Old Barn and Garden, 731 East 25 South,                                 Winamac; 574.242.2631                                                             Antique, vintage, and collectibles; plants
Pearl Street Market, 118 East Pearl Street,                                        Winamac; 574.946.7002                                                            Specialty foods, supplements, jewelry
Refined, 102 North Monticello Street                                                 Winamac; 574.946.6213                                                            Clothing and furnishings consignment
Stonewheel Pottery, 4828 South U.S.-421,                                       Francesville; 219.567.9548                                                       Practical pottery made in-store (Video)