Playful Pulaski Primates

Perhaps the most unique spot in all of Pulaski County is the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary, a “retirement village” for research baboons and macaques operated by Scott Kubisch, a former keeper at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and his team of devoted staff and volunteers. Nestled into rural Rich Grove Township, inside a triangle formed by Winamac, Medaryville, and nearby North Judson, the Sanctuary runs entirely on donations, volunteer support, and fundraisers, offering a tranquil respite for primates whose lives have been spent in research laboratories.

Although the Sanctuary is not a zoo or typical tourist attraction, with advance notice and your willingness to become a sustaining member of the Monkees Club, the staff may be able to invite you to the Sanctuary to tour the facilities and to observe the baboons and macaques who call Pulaski County home.