Playful Pulaski Primates

Perhaps the most unique spot in all of Pulaski County is the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary, a “retirement village” for research baboons and macaques operated by Scott Kubisch, a former keeper at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and his team of devoted staff and volunteers. Nestled into rural Rich Grove Township, inside a triangle formed by Winamac, Medaryville, and nearby North Judson, the Sanctuary runs entirely on donations, volunteer support, and fundraisers, offering a tranquil respite for primates whose lives have been spent in research laboratories.

Although the Sanctuary is not a zoo or typical tourist attraction, guided group tours (Sundays and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. E.T./12:30 C.T.; $8/person, kids under 5 free) and private tours ($10/person, kids under 5 free) are available for you to observe the baboons and macaques who call Pulaski County home.