Paintball, castles, and spacecraft, oh my!

Sometimes, the simple things can be a little rough — getting pelted with a high-speed ball of paint (Don’t worry, it only stings a little, and then it dissipates as your survival and competitive instincts kick in!), climbing ropes three storeys about the ground, or getting hit with an archery-tag dart. Whatever your pleasure, Pulaski County has you covered!

Fort Knox Paintball, north of Winamac on U.S.-35, features 14 distinct themed battlefields, including the incredible, three-level Orion compound, all built by the father-son team running this weekend-warrior jewel. Every three months or so, Fort Knox hosts a “Big Game” weekend, which is a really big deal, attracting countless paintball enthusiasts from all over Indiana and across the country for a few days of camaraderie, good times, and battling toward victory. Whether you’re part of a team of seasoned veterans or arming yourself for the first time, Fort Knox offers awesome opportunities — and as long as you follow the rules, it’s safer than bowling!

Looking for a family-friendly good time? Pulaski County is the place to visit.