Paintball, laser tag, and zorbing, oh my!

Sometimes, the simple things can be a little rough — getting pelted with a high-speed ball of paint (Don’t worry, it only stings a little, and then it dissipates as your survival and competitive instincts kick in!), climbing ropes three storeys about the ground, or getting hit with an archery-tag dart. Whatever your pleasure, Pulaski County has you covered!

Fort Knox Paintball, north of Winamac on U.S.-35, features 13 distinct themed battlefields, including the brand new Interstate-85 (Zombies everywhere!), all built by the father-son team running this weekend-warrior jewel. Every three months or so, Fort Knox hosts a “Big Game” weekend, which is a really big deal, attracting countless paintball enthusiasts from all over Indiana and across the country for a few days of camaraderie, good times, and battling toward victory. Whether you’re part of a team of seasoned veterans or arming yourself for the first time, Fort Knox offers awesome opportunities — and as long as you follow the rules, it’s safer than bowling! If paintball isn’t your thing, then you can now check out their laser-tag offering on the same great courses used for paintball!

Unfortunately, Rugged Adventures is not open for the 2019 season. Check back for news about 2020 later!

Brand new to Pulaski County and the world in April 2016, Rugged Adventures offers more awesomeness than you can imagine. Seriously, just try: your imagination may be as vivid as a Hawaiian sunset, but it can’t conceive of this: bubble soccer, laser tag, archery tag, zorbing, and more! Yeah. Plus on-site concessions from local restaurants.

Looking for a family-friendly good time? Pulaski County is the place to visit.