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Put the Rubber to the Road

Stretching more than 20 miles from the south side of Winamac to Kenneth, outside of Logansport in Cass County, the Panhandle Pathway is a fully paved bicycle/walking trail along the old Pennsylvania Railroad. At Kenneth, its southern terminus is about one mile west of France Park, and plans are underway to connect the trail to the park, with a longer-range vision of extending the trail into Logansport and making connections with other trails.

Upon reaching the south side of Winamac, near Superior Street, the Pathway gives way to the Winamac Parkway, a linear park along the western edge of downtown following the Pennsylvania bed to State Road 14. There’s a picnic shelter where the trail meets Main Street, and the park is only a short block or two from options for eating, drinking, and making merry in downtown Winamac. A short ride eastward on Main Street leads you to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge, which pedestrians and bicyclists can use to cross the Tippecanoe River into the Winamac Town Park, which has a trail looping it.

This short video displays fun on the trail, on the river, and at the state park, plus tells you a little about our fair community.

Long-term visions lead the trail beyond the Winamac Parkway northward to the Tippecanoe River State Park and the Erie Trail, which runs nine miles between U.S.-35 and North Judson to the northwest. The truly adventurous biker can follow Pulaski and Starke County roads 11 miles from Winamac to connect to the Erie Trail and ride it to North Judson. This route is not, however, for the faint of heart: much of it follows hilly, narrow gravel roads and takes you through prime hunting ground. The reward, though, besides being able to ride between Winamac (or points southward) and North Judson (It’s about 40 miles round trip between downtown Winamac and the North Judson trailhead.) is getting to enjoy incredibly gorgeous scenery in the Winamac Fish & Wildlife Area.

A smaller Monterey section of the Erie Trail exists, but does not currently connect to the longer North Judson branch, although it is part of U.S. Bike Route 35, which runs from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to Mississippi, and connects to the Winamac Town Park via Pulaski County Bike Route 1, which will become part of the under-development Pulaski County Bike Route Network.